Vitamin D fighting colds

We all know vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin as our bodies metabolise it when we are exposed to sun. The downside of this is that when combining the lack of sunshine in the winter and our preference for staying inside when it’s cold outside, a lot of people unknowingly become deficient in vitamin D.

There is now conclusive proof that we should all take extra vitamin D during the winter which can halve the risk of respiratory illness including bronchitis, earache, pneumonia and the common cold.

A study published in the British Medical Journal using 11,000 participants found that for people with the lowest levels of vitamin D, taking a supplement would reduce the risk of respiratory illness by 50 per cent.

There is now growing evidence that vitamin D should be added to food in the UK just as vitamin C has been for many years. This is already done in Finland where vitamin D deficiency is common.

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