Col-Max for constipation

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Constipation is unpleasant and can be harmful. Col-Max is a natural solution that really does work. Don’t let it ruin your day any more.

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Col-Max – don’t let constipation ruin your day

Persistent or occasional constipation can now be a thing of the past. The unique herbal formula of Col-Max works in a completely natural way to help bowel elimination.

No more stomach cramps or sudden urges that conventional laxatives give – Col-Max will help your body maintain a natural rhythm and help improve the muscle tone of your colon.

Up to 6 capsules can be taken daily (2 with each meal) letting you fine tune the dosage to suit your body and needs. We recommend taking Col-Max on a daily basis once you have achieved the natural rhythm that suits you to avoid the condition returning.

We have been selling Col-Max for over ten years and it is proving to be an absolute life saver for some of our customers.

Each pot of Col-Max contains 100 capsules which must be taken with plenty of water. Do NOT take Col-Max if pregnant 

We have had amazing feedback from IBS sufferers who now use Col-Max and say their lives have literally been transformed.

Don’t suffer any more – try Col-Max now

12 reviews for Col-Max for constipation

  1. Penny Cannon

    I cannot praise Colmax enough as it has been an absolute life saver for me. I used to go many days without going to the loo and would suffer terribly with any of the many different laxatives I tried. This has completely transformed my life and I go regularly almost every day. Thank you!

  2. Frank Munroe

    I tried this on the advice of a friend and am very happy I did.

  3. Kate Armstrong

    Finally something that works and doesn’t leave me with cramps when I take it. I have suffered from constipation since I had my first child and have tried so many different remedies but this is the first I can live with on a day to day basis.

  4. Helen Fuller

    New order today. I couldn’t be without colmax.

  5. Louise Johnston

    For someone who suffered from constipation for very many years and tried everything in the market this is the best remedy there is. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who suffers from constipation.

  6. Jane Warrington

    Excellent product. Reordering now. Thank you.

  7. Harry Hall

    Without doubt the best laxative I have used. Thoroughly recommended.

  8. Bernie Halls

    The only one I use now. Excellent.

  9. Jane Mann

    The best. And after having tried MANY laxatives and other so called solutions, I mean it!

  10. Bill Thatcher

    Now on my 3rd order of Colmax and it really does help. I feel like I’m not actually taking a laxative.

  11. Mary Turner

    My third order and will continue. Fantastic! Without doubt the best out there.

  12. Kevin Smith

    I have tried many laxatives and this one works the best without the normal cramps and sudden urges. Ordering again today.

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