Reduce your risk of dementia

New research into dementia shows that lifestyle habits can account for almost one third of all cases. What this means is that we can reduce the chances of developing dementia by a third with changes we have control over.

The key risk factors that increase our chances of developing dementia are:

Mid-life hearing loss – responsible for 9% of the risk
Failing to complete secondary education – 8%
Smoking – 5%
Failing to seek early treatment for depression – 4%
Physical inactivity – 3%
Social isolation – 2%
High blood pressure – 2%
Obesity – 1%
Type 2 diabetes – 1%

This risk factors add up to 35% and we can potentially modify most, if not all of them. The other 65% is down to our genes and cannot be controlled.

Dementia tends to be diagnosed in later life but the beginnings of it develop much earlier and will go unnoticed until the condition manifests itself in noticeable ways. Therefore, acting now to potentially reduce the risk can only help us for the future.

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