Prostate cancer symptoms

Our prostate supplement Prostamax is very good at shrinking an enlarged prostate gland due to its high beta sitosterol content. 

However, diagnosis of an enlarged prostate gland should always be done by a health specialist as the symptoms are almost identical to those of prostate cancer. 

If you look at any website for information on an enlarged prostate gland (BPH) or prostate cancer you will see that the symptoms generally listed for both are: 

·         needing to urinate more often than usual including during the night
·         difficulty starting to urinate
·         taking a long time to finish urinating
·         a weak flow
·         a feeling that you are not emptying your bladder fully
·         needing to rush to the toilet – sometimes leaking before you get there
·         dribbling urine after you finish. 

This is why we always ask new customers who call us if they have had their condition confirmed as an enlarged prostate gland by their GP or a specialist and advise that they do this as soon as possible if the answer is no. 

Our health is the most important aspect of our livers so don’t be afraid of asking for confirmation.

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