New research shows cocoa flavanols improve memory and brain function

Mars, the well-known chocolate company, have recently completed tests that show cocoa flavanols help improve the cognitive function and reduce deterioration associated with age of the brain.

As we are living longer now, this is becoming increasingly important to us all. Basically, our cognitive health can be maintained as we age.

Three groups were tested in a double-blind study; one taking 993mg high flavanol cocoa, one taking 520mg high flavanol cocoa, and the latter taking 48mg of normal processed cocoa, very low in flavanols.

All were subjected to tests for memory, memory retention and general brain cognitive function. After only eight weeks the two groups taking the high flavanol cocoa showed significant improvement in all areas.

Other benefits of the high flavanol intake were improved cardio-vascular health with lower blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic) and improved circulation.

The implications of these results in also helping with the onset or treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s is not fully proven yet but is showing great promise.

Our MemoMax is the only formula available in the UK with a high flavanol content.

There is now growing evidence that cocoa flavanols can also help improve one’s circulatory system and blood flow. See here.

The full report on the Mars trials can be found here (opens in new tab)

Read the article in Medical News Today about this here

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