Lithium and dementia prevention

It seems that Lithium, a type of metal more associated with batteries, could play a future part in the fight against dementia with the possibility of it being added to our drinking water.

Studies in Denmark have found that those living in areas where the concentration of lithium in the drinking water was higher compared to other areas had fewer case of dementia.

Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorders so its association with brain health and condition is already established.

The study has yet to be ratified and more testing will need to be done to further correlate the results. Other factors could also be at play so the final results are probably some time off.

In the short term, we all know there are other things we can do to keep our brains and bodies fit and healthy. These include:

Limiting alcohol intake
Keeping at a healthy weight
Not smoking
Regular exercise
Eating a healthy diet

Our MemoMax can make a valuable addition to a long term program of staying as fit and healthy as possible.

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