Is constipation an early sign of Parkinson’s?

Research is shown that constipation could be linked to Parkinson’s disease. Looking at groups of people of similar age, it was found that those with Parkinson’s were twice as likely to suffer from constipation.

The condition is known to change the working of the body’s nervous system which is what gives sufferer’s the muscle tremors leading to excessive shaking. But it also affects more basic body functions including heart rate and bowel function to name a few.

What is interesting is that the symptoms of constipation can occur before the more noticeable symptoms which could help lead to earlier diagnosis.

In a US study of 70 year olds who had Parkinson’s, 36% had a history of constipation before the Parkinson’s manifested compared to the normal average of 20% for that age group.

The evidence shows that the condition could be preclinical for some time thus potentially allowing those at risk to be treated at an earlier stage.

We all know that a healthy diet can help reduce constipation, and our Col-Max is highly effective at treating the condition, but as with all conditions, medical advice should be sort if the condition worsens or starts for no reason.

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