High blood sugar can cause memory problems

As we get older we become more aware and attentive of our memory so anything that can be done to keep it sharp is worth knowing.

It has long been suggested to keep it active with mental stimulation such as reading, crosswords, learning a language or playing a musical instrument but diet also plays a part.

It has now been found that raised blood sugar can lead to memory problems.

In a recent study 141 healthy people with an average age of 63 had their memory and blood sugar levels tested.

Those with lower blood sugar levels scored better in memory tests.

Scans also showed that the hippocampus brain region was smaller in those with higher blood sugar. This is the region of the brain used for memory.

If you do become aware that your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, it should not be too difficult to reduce it. Diet and exercise normally show good results and will also benefit you in other ways.

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