Get that brain working

Our brains need to be looked after and exercised just like our muscles for optimum health and to stave off any deterioration.

A good diet with low fat and cholesterol intake and high in anti-oxidants and flavanols can also help considerably. This will ensure a healthier cardiovascular system; critical to the health of the brain. Our MemoMax does exactly this which is why it works so well.

The expression use it or lose it is probably very true with our brains. Exercises you can do to keep your brain working include:

  • Try to remember lists. If you are going shopping take the list with you but try not to use it. Find ways to remember the list; association of items with people or places you know can work well.
  • Solve maths puzzles. We all need to do the odd sum now and again. Don’t get the calculator out. Try doing it in your head or the old fashioned way on a bit of paper.
  • Learn a new language. This really does push and stimulate your brain.
  • Learn to play a musical instrument. Studies and tests show that learning something new and complicated is very good for an aging brain.
  • Draw a map after you’ve been somewhere new.
  • Puzzles – every magazine or newspaper you pick up will have a crossword, Sudoku or similar puzzle. Get that pen out.
  • Learn a new sport. Any sport will involve both physical and mental activity, both of which are critical for our brain’s health.

We are all very aware of how important a healthy heart is and really need to treat our brains with as much importance. The good news is that this is easy. A few simple changes in our lifestyles can achieve this.

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