Exercise and the risk of a stroke

Most of us do less exercise than we should and it is easy to fall into this lifestyle. This combined with diets that are less healthy than our ancestors has given rise to an increase in heart stokes in western society today.

The good news is that this is reversible. A study of 1,400 men with ages ranging from 40 to 60 showed that those who started to exercise regularly decreased their risk of a stroke by 56%. To put this in perspective, this gave them the same chance of having a stroke as someone who has lead a healthy life and exercised regularly all their life. The best results were seen in those who classified themselves as “couch potatoes”.

The lack of exercise we take in the UK has recently been in the news with four out of ten adults not even doing a single 10 minute brisk walk once a month. In the UK more than 100,000 people have a stroke each year and it is one of the leading causes of adult disability.

Flavanols have also been shown to help improve cardiovascular health thus reducing the risk of a stroke as well. Our MemoMax is the only high flavanol formula available in the UK and can play an important role in this.

So, how about a bit of exercise now?

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