Cranberry juice for irritated bladder

It has long been known that cranberries can help with urinary problems but what they can and cannot do for you needs to be clarified. If you have a UTI (urinary tract infection), studies have shown that cranberries do not help cure the infection. 

However, if you have what a GP refers to as an irritated bladder then there is good news. Drinking a couple of glasses a day of cranberry juice can help here and the relief can be surprisingly rapid. 

Sufferers of an enlarged prostate gland often have trouble emptying their bladders and this can contribute to an irritated bladder. It is not infected although this can happen if the irritation persists. 

Symptoms of an irritated bladder include a sharp pain in the bladder region of the lower abdomen and, as with an enlarged prostate gland, the desire to go to the loo more often than normal, often when not necessary. 

Users of our ProstaMax are recommended to drink cranberry juice for a week or two when they start taking ProstaMax to clear up any irritation they may have. We have had feedback from many customers who tell us it really helped to completely alleviate the problem. 

When buying cranberry juice, look for the highest concentrate possible. It is available in normal and sugar free form so there is no reason not to use it.


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